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Conflict resolution is my general field of study and work, and we cherish what decision science tells us about decision errors and how to avoid or remedy them. If I can help someone consider why, for instance, “being overly committed to an initial course of action even when it is no longer beneficial,” (DE #2) and make a more satisfying decision instead, I feel like I’ve really added value to a problem solving situation. (more…)

It is January 21, 2017 and I am watching the Women’s March on Washington from the warmth of my home and listening to speaker after speaker express hopes and aspirations in ardent and sometimes discordant but civil ways. Their messages are diverse yet coallesce around the shared higher-level value of love for all of one’s neighbors.   So many bright lights in an otherwise gray late January day.  This movement is a “civil” war of sorts. One that values difference and civility. (more…)

In November of 2015 we had so much dispute resolution work that an opportunity to present research on “Adapting a Brief Conflict Coaching Model to a Two Culture Workplace” at the International Communication Association annual meeting in Kyushu, Japan made both professional and economic sense. Who could say “no” to an opportunity like this? (more…)

What happened to logic and reason in the presidential campaign of candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential Election? We are told that we are living in a “post fact” world now. Democrats ruminate over ways they could have engaged in less character defense and a better portrayal of the “facts.”  Facts like that Obama’s policies put 22.309 million people to work from the depths of the recession in January 2010 to the end of his term. Or that in 2010 he instituted and sustained $858 billion in business tax cuts for economic stimulus programs. The public seemed not to much care about what constituted a “fact” or what sources were even credible. (more…)