Family and Other Civil Mediation Roster

Mediators and conflict coaches who serve one our family ADR roster are experienced professionals who have worked with families on matters of separation and divorce, family business dissolutions, elder care, estate conflicts, and other civil matters such as real estate transactions and contract disputes. In states where mediator certification is required (e.g., Virginia), we have mediators who are certified for various levels of practice and some also hold Advanced Practitioner Certification with the Academy of Family Mediators. Our conflict coaches are likewise graduate degreed professionals who are highly trained in various models of conflict coaching (e.g., the Comprehensive Conflict Coaching Model).

  • Merri Hanson—Williamsburg, VA
  • Elizabeth Sutton—Williamsburg, VA
  • Stephanie Croke—Williamsburg, VA
  • Meredith Croskey–Richmond, VA
  • Jerry Bagnell, Carolina Beach, NC
  • Tricia Jones—Philadelphia, PA
  • Cheryl Cutrona—Philadelphia, PA
  • Deb Gaber—Philadelphia, PA
  • Michael West–Rochester, NY