Family Mediation

Services Provided

  • Separation and Divorce Issues
  • Parenting Arrangements
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Estates
  • Elder Care
  • Family Business
  • Real Estate

To schedule an initial consultation or family mediation appointment, call Liz Sutton at 757.870.5325 and leave a message.

Key Points

  • The mediation sessions focus on problem solving based upon the information that the parties themselves gather and bring to each session.
  • Sessions dealing with property focus on a disclosure and understanding of the parties’ assets and debts, their nature and value, and ultimately their division and/or distribution.
  • Sessions dealing with parenting arrangements focus on children’s needs and parents’ interests in nurturing and tending ongoing relationships with children while continuing to do the business of parenting together yet separately.
  • Sessions dealing with support issues can focus either on spousal support and/or child support. Discussions about spousal support are based upon budgets prepared by the parties, their needs, and their income earning capacities now and in the future. Discussions about child support begin with a calculation of the Virginia Child Support Guidelines (required under Virginia’s mediator code of ethics), and continue with additional concerns and considerations such as fluctuations in parents’ income, changes in children’s needs, etc.
  • Remember, in mediation, the decisions are up to you rather than some external third party-decision maker. Research consistently shows that people are most satisfied with decisions and agreements they make themselves!


How Long Does Mediation Take, and What Is The Cost?

The number of sessions required to complete a mediated agreement varies greatly depending upon the type of dispute and the ability of the participants to negotiate both during and outside of sessions. However, in all cases, how quickly the process moves along is determined by the participants and not by the availability of a court date. The average divorce agreement requires from three to five sessions with sessions typically lasting from one and one-half to two hours each. Mediation fees are charged at an hourly rate with the cost being shared by the participants.

What Issues Will Be Decided?

Peninsula Mediation & ADR is a private agency that assists separating and divorcing couples with comprehensive agreements that address property issues, parenting arrangements, and support matters. Mediation is particularly effective for couples who want to end their marital relationship in a cooperative manner and continue to share responsibility for their children’s physical and emotional care.


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