What is the Cost?

March 13th, 2015 by

Mediation is a cost effective way to resolve difficult disputes. Not only do you save possible legal fees, you save time, relationships, and other resources. Instead investing in an adversarial process with an uncertain outcome which may have additional costs, you decide how much time will be spent in the mediation itself and any costs associated with the terms of agreement. The cost of mediation and other ADR services varies depending upon the type and length of dispute, and the number of mediators involved. Our professional fees may be charged on an hourly basis or a per case basis.

If you are a private client (i.e. not procuring services under one of our contracts), we typically charge by the hour. Our staff is available to give you a cost quotation for private mediation services. Court related funding may also be available for some types of court referred disputes.

If you are procuring mediation or other ADR services under one of our contracts with GSA, the Department of Navy, or the Department of Homeland Security, NASA HQ, Veterans Administration, or Department of Transportation, please see the “Special Users” section of our home page for more information.

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