What Issues Will Be Decided?

March 13th, 2015 by

The issues that are handled in mediation vary depending upon the type of dispute. Your mediator will help you consider the issues of concern to you and the other parties involved in your mediation as well as related matters that may be helpful in thoroughly resolving your dispute. In all instances the participants make their decisions only after considering both their short and long term interests.

If your dispute involves workplace concerns, our mediators are prepared to assist you in making your own decisions regarding a broad range of issues including, but not limited to, how to resume a productive and harmonious working relationship, compensation for agreed upon benefits and wages, disabilities accommodations, career growth, etc.

Peninsula Mediation and ADR also assists separating and divorcing couples make comprehensive agreements that address property issues, parenting arrangements, and support matters.

Finally, mediation is best suited to the resolution of disputes in which the parties need to have some form of ongoing relationship. Other alternative dispute resolution processes are often better suited to the resolution of disputes involving other issues and concerns. Our staff is knowledgeable in helping you select an alternative dispute resolution process that is best suited the the nature of your unique dispute.

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