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D.O.N. Contract Resource Page

Peninsula Mediation & ADR has been providing a broad range of quality mediation and ADR services and training courses for the Department of Navy (DON) since 1997. After designing the training modules for DON's Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints Resolution ADR process (and its pilot predecessor), we have delivered training and ADR services to over one thousand Navy related civil service and uniformed personnel. These services were instrumental in the 2002 ADR Award conferred on the Department of Navy by the Office of Personnel Management.


In 2002 Peninsula Mediation & ADR was awarded DON's ADR Omnibus contract to provide mediation and mediator certification services through its six human resources regions in the continental United States.

  • Tier III Mediation Refresher and Evaluation (Note: We also provide Tier I and II Mediation training, but not under this contract; see the GSA link for more information)
  • Tier IV Mentor Mediation (supervised mentoring services for mediators seeking Navy mediator certification)
  • Stakeholder Training
  • Intake Counselor Training
  • Various mediation related training modules of 4, 8, 12, and 16 hours

Peninsula Mediation & ADR is in the process of developing a cadre of highly experienced mediators to assist in providing these ADR services throughout the United States. Be sure to view the bios on our staff and independent contractors!